Abu Dhabi Child Safety Concern Form

The Safety Concern Form is a mandated report form that should be submitted by all mandated reporters in Abu Dhabi, when a suspicion of child maltreatment occurs. Are you a mandated reporter?

If you work directly with children, you are mandated by law to report a child maltreatment concern.

All persons working directly in providing care, education, social support and protection for children are mandated by law to report suspected child maltreatment concerns. By submitting this Safety Concern Form, the reporting of a child maltreatment concern will be documented and the appropriate entities will take necassary action to create a case and follow up to ensure the child’s safety and protection. By taking this action you are ensuring the relevant authorities are alerted to provide help and support to the child that may be facing maltreatment.

Safety Concern Form

Access the Child Safety Concern Form here.

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